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Welcome To

Two-Wheel Riding On The Back Roads Of Maine.

The Premium Site For Downloading

GPS Guided Tours Along

Maine's Back Roads.

Now, you never again

need to try find one of those wonderful "food joints" that are tucked away on a back road serving up great eats with no pretension, no fanfare.

Now there is no more being On The Road, 

wondering how to find a true road "less travelled" – a road known mostly just to those who live and ply their livelihood in the area.

Now there is no more being On The Road, riding into "New Territory"

with your fingers crossed hoping your ride will allow you to check out some neat sights, visit some unique stores, and see as much of Maine's Wonders as time will allow.

Now, All You Need Is:

Two-Wheel Riding On The Back Roads

Of Maine.

And so, what's your choice?

Country or Ocean?

Either way, we've got some roads only the cows know about" .......

And we know of just the place to chow down – a place where there's

Good Food and Fun People.

"Ride the backroads" with us, and let us guide you along a great adventure ride.

Here's How It Works!

Simply download the ride of your choice to your GPS device, and you're instantly provided with a complete and detailed turn-by-turn guided Two-Wheel Backroads Trip.

And, to accompany your GPS route, you will receive your own downloadable PDF

Backroad Ride Guidebook.

 You can download this multi-colored Backroad Ride Guidebook to your computer, your iPad or Smart Phone (or to all three), so that you will not only always have it handy as you ride along, but can retain it as a permanent record of your ride – something you can share with your friends and family.

  Of course, you can also print your Backroad Ride Guidebook, so that you to may enjoy each page whenever you wish, without the need to power-up your devices.

Your Backroad Ride Guidebook will provide an overview of your trip, as well as specific information about each of the places you will visit.  For each location you will visit, You will find a list of websites to examine, so that you may delve more deeply into the history and other interesting aspects of each stopping point.

Your Backroad Ride Guidebook also has a page called "Lagniappe" – which means "that little something extra".  Lagniappe will provide you with information about other nearby locations (that you may also wish to visit) as well as additional/alternate eateries along your route.

Each of your Back Road rides will provide you with between two and four hours of sightseeing riding.  Of course, stopping to enjoy the view, or visit, perhaps shop a bit, will provide you with an enjoyable and full day of exploration.

To keep you "stoked" for your day, each Back Road ride begins at a local eatery – be it a great coffee and donut spot, a light breakfast joint, or a "sit down and chow in" diner.

You'll also finish your Back Road day's ride at a local restaurant – completing your fun-filled ride by enjoying good local food and a well-earned refreshing drink.

And just to make sure you don't get hungry along the way, there is also a mid-ride stop built in – at an out-of-the-way ice cream stand, or a little-known "quick bite" shop.

Of course, the main attraction is

Always Maine:

the Scenery, the Atmosphere, the Road,

where at almost every junction you'll find photo opportunities await, allowing you to capture, preserve and share your adventure with friends and family, and letting you visit and re-visit Maine well after you are back home.

Currently, Two-wheel Riding is in "Beta" phase, and we are inviting you to

download and review one of our trips, free of any cost.

Just review your Back Road "Trip" on your device, read your Backroad Ride Guidebook  and provide us with feedback telling us what you do or do not enjoy about either the ride, or the guidebook.

Of course, if you are local to the Trip and can actually do the "ride", we'd be very interested in hearing about your experience.

We'd also would love to hear from you as to what you'd like to see included in the Backroad Ride Guidebook.

You may post your feedback here or, if you prefer, you may send us an e-mail at:

Or, call us at

207 252-5787

So.  Here is your first Back Road Adventure:

A Diner, Five Lights, Coffee and Dessert.

To get your downloadable copy of the

Travel Guide, just click this link:

And, to get your free GPS download of this trip, send us a note saying "Yes! Send me my free GPS download!"

And don't forget to let us know what area of Maine about which you'd like trip information.  We'll send you a list along with your free GPS download.


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